Psychopaths at Home

This page covers resources about psychopaths at home – various relationship settings. The psychopath in this form can be the emotionally abusive, compulsively lying partner or the fake friend who mirrors your every move, uses you for whatever they can get out of you and then drops you like a brick and moves on.

It could also be many different things in between as psychopaths can manifest in many different forms and circumstances and use a variety of different tactics manipulate others. There are however common overarching themes to their behaviour which the resources on this page will help to inform you about.

Books on Psychopaths in the Home

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Psychopath Free

Jackson MacKenzie’s Psychopath Free is the undisputed lay person’s resource for recovering from psychopathic abuse in their lives. People often desribe reading this book as an eerie experience as it so accurately describes the day to day tactics psychopaths use to manipulate their victims. This book will especially help victims of psychopaths in intimate/romantic relationships.

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Whole Again – Healing Your Heart and Rediscovering Your True Self

Jackson MacKenzie’s Whole Again is a follow up book to Psychopath Free and details how to fully heal from the abuse psychopaths cause and address the numbness and emptiness that victims can often feel for months and even years after the psychopath exits their lives. If Psychopath Free brilliantly describes the problem, this sequel describes the solution to the damage psychopaths cause in the lives of others.

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The Empathy Trap – Understanding Antisocial Personalities

 Tim and Jane McGregor’s The Empathy Trap is another excellent resource on psychopaths and sociopaths and the damage they cause. In particular this book is brilliant at describing how sociopaths systematically manipulate others to try and turn them against their chosen target, and how many weak people unfortunately often go along with this game they play. Their description of the Sociopath-Empath-Apath Triad will be especially useful to victims of psychopathic abuse.

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Without Conscience – The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

Without Conscience is a superb resource written by lifelong psychopathy researcher Dr Robert Hare on the psychopaths that live amongst us. This book is brilliant at dispelling the myth that the only psychopaths are the serial killers we see in the news and portrayed in movies. Without Conscience goes into the the more subtle ways psychopaths blend into society and use their superficial charm to manipulate others. Essential reading from the world’s foremost expert on psychopathy.

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