About Us

The Psychopaths in Life blog was created as a resource for helping people spot psychopaths and other toxic, manipulative people in all areas of their life, be it work or elsewhere. We seek to provide information and resources on common behaviour patterns and manipulative tactics that psychopaths are renowned for in order to help people more quickly and definitely spot when they are in the midst of a destructive psychopath in their lives.

This blog was primarily motivated by painful personal experience dealing with numerous psychopaths as well as other blogs on the subject such as the superb Psychopath Free blog. Any resources this and other blogs on the topic that can provide to help others spot and get away from psychopaths more quickly and limit the damage they can cause will make the time and effort worth it.

We seek to provide accounts of these personal experiences of psychopaths so readers can see clear examples and templates of the common tactics and methods these psychological predators use to lure and then devalue and undermine their victims, before discarding them. It is a roadmap of some experiences of psychopathic abuse – a subjective one at that as all experiences differ – but still one that can hopefully help other people spot and evade a psychopath sooner.

Where relevant we also draw on expertise from certain knowledgeable people on the subject, most notably the world’s foremost scholar and expert of psychopath, Dr. Robert Hare, who has spent a lifetime watching and studying these character types up close. We cite his excellent books and other resources where relevant to help people gather as much information as possible on the subject.

Whatever this blog can do to help others spot, confront, evade and escape these destructives members of the human race before they cause too much damage will be a bonus to the hundreds of thousands or millions of people who have to go through the experience of dealing with a toxic psychopath in their lives every year.

See my Resources page for some useful books and videos and also our Blog where we answer some common questions victims of psychopathy ask during and after the abuse, as well as look at examples of psychopaths in different areas of life.

See also my Find a Therapist Page for a concise guide to finding a good therapist for healing in the aftermath of toxic relationships with Cluster B personality disordered people like psychopaths, narcissists and borderlines.

See my YouTube Channel for useful video excepts on the subject of psychopathic personalities. I also post on my Twitter profile sporadically.