A Selection of Quotes on Narcissists

We have already done a page on quotes about psychopaths, but let’s complement this with a selection of some well considered quotes on the psychopath’s cousin, the narcissist.


“Every narcissist was once a wounded child”

Elan Golomb


“Isn’t it reassuring to know that in a world of constant change, the narcissist remains the same”

Elan Golomb


“Think about what my relationship is with this cup I’m holding now. At the moment, I really like it because it serves me a purpose. It’s holding my drink so it doesn’t spill everywhere. But once I’m done with it and I put it down in about 10 minutes I’m not gonna care about it anymore. That’s how a narcissist sees other people.”

Dr Ramani Durvasula


On “Hoovering”

“The narcissist drank all your “milkshake” and then moved onto someone else to drink their “milkshake”. But after a while they remember what your “milkshake” was like and they want to come back and try it again”

Richard Grannon


“Planet Narco (The inner world of the narcissist):

A toxic, barren, tempestuous mess. Baseline state of panic and emotional dis-regulation. Power and emotional reaction fixated”

Richard Grannon


“Never try to reason with a narcissist…..The point is there is no point. The point is chaos, cause chaos. They’ll say whatever they need to say to get the reaction. There are no boundaries for them.”

Richard Grannon/Gary Klein


“The narcissist reaches out with a provocative communication, with the intent of upsetting or hurting you…..The victim gets their adrenaline spiked….they become angry or anxious or depressed….The victim feels instantly, neurotically compelled to redress the balance…and they reply way too instinctively, way too quickly, with way too much emotion….trying to use reason where there is none….

….(The victim feels): ‘I have to drop everything and answer straight away and send through a 500 word essay about what they just said was wrong, and it was wrong, and they shouldn’t and it was unfair,  and this is because of this, and also when you say that to a person that means X etc etc.’

And you’re psycho-babbling and philosophizing and you’re pouring out all this stuff. And the narcissist is sat back going “Ha ha ha ha! Got ya!”.

You’ve given them exactly what they want. Because you’re showing them you’re upset. You’re showing them you’re in an emotional state.

The narcissist then goes into an emotional high….and they learn that this works, and they keep it in their toolbox. Effectively what we do over time is we teach the narcissist what hurts us….Don’t teach the narcissist what hurts you”

Richard Grannon


“Narcissism is a shade of gray of psychopathy….A narcissist is generally seen as someone whose emotional development stopped around the age of 4.

Stefan Verstappen


“Do not expect a narcissist to display any real values, principles or loyalty. They are literally attention and supply whores, pimping themselves out to the highest bidder. If they find someone who is a better source of supply, they’ll drop you like a brick and never look back.”

Psychopaths In Life


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